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Brochure History on the Go. By Kathy Harryman. Available at general meetings.
Some Historical Records of Chinese in Davis before 1900. By Dennis Dingemans, for Kathy Harryman, 2012
YCHS Contributes to an Inventory of New Deal Projects. By Dennis Dingemans & B.J. Ford, 2009
The Rise and Decline of the Dairy Industry in Yolo County. By Dennis Dingemans, 2009
Road 27 and Yolo County’s Rural Landscapes. By Dennis Dingemans, 2009
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  Hollywood Comes to Woodland. By David L. Wilkinson, 2011. $19.95. Member special $17.95, or purchase this along with Crafting a Valley Jewel (see below) for $30.   Scheuring book Valley Empires: Hugh Glenn and Henry Miller in the Shaping of California. By Anne Foley Scheuring, 2010. $23.00. ISBN-13: 9780615341231
Wilkinson book cover Crafting a Valley Jewel: Architects and Builders of Woodland. By David L. Wilkinson, 2003. $19.95. ISBN 1-892626-06-3   lofland book Old North Davis: Guide to Walking a Traditional Neighborhood. By John Lofland, 1999. $10.95. ISBN 1-892626-05-5. Out of Print
Clarksburg book cover Clarksburg: Delta Community. By Shipley Walters. $10   Knights Landing  book cover Knights Landing: The River, the Land, and the People. By Shipley Walters. $10.00
Winters  book cover Winters: A Heritage of Horticulture, a Harmony of Purpose. By Joann Leach Larkey. $15.85   Woodland  book cover Woodland: City of Trees. By Shipley Walters, 1995, 2007. $10.00
Booklet Series
1970 Three Maps of Yolo County, CA ($2.00)
2004 The German Prisoners of War - Farm Labor Branch Camps in Yolo County, by Douglas Brown ($3.00)

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We regret that the following booklets are Out of Print

1968 Victorian Homes of Yolo County
1969 Woodland (Hershey) Opera House
1971 Historical Homes, Woodland, CA
1976 Woodland House Tour
1992 Narcissa Pena: Her Life and Her Community, by S.J. Truitt
2000 Davis Heritage Buildings. How Many to Start with, How Many Left? By John Lofland
2001 Davis City Council Elections, 1917-2000. By John Lofland
2003 Picture Map Supplement to the Book of Old North Davis, Guide to walking a traditional neighborhood. By John Lofland
2009 The Bachelor Girls Club and the Yolo County Free Library, by Merrily DuPree

E-500s booklet E-500 People: Ten Decades on a Face-block in Davis, California by John Lofland
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