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Membership in the society is open to all who wish to join in supporting the research, preservation and designation of county historical resources, maintaining our projects, and publishing mini-histories of Yolo County communities.

Benefits of Becoming a Member:

  1. Up to date historical information happening in the county
  2. 10 Newsletters per year
  3. First notified about our tours
  4. Six lectures per year
  5. 10% discount on the purchase of books
  6. Meeting people who are interested in history
  7. Supporting a group that supports keeping history alive in our neighborhoods  
Yearly dues (membership runs from 7/1 to 6/30)
Business (name in all the newsletters)
Patron (name in all the newsletters and a discount on our trips)
We are a 5013c tax deductible organization. We welcome additional contributions to the General Fund and or/ the Schoolhouse program. Make check payable to YCHS and mail to PO Box 1447, Woodland, CA 95776.






Patrons 2016-17

Thanks to the following for generously supporting the Society*

Donald & Pat Campbell
John & Helen Daniels
Jonathan & Barbara Durst
Robert & Judy Simas
Ron & Marilyn Scholz
Claire Childers
Jeff & Starr Barrow
Michael & Debra Truitt
Steve & Teri Laugenour
Richard & Joann Larkey
Ramon & Karen Urbano
Thomas Crisp
Ryan Baum & Alice Wong
Richard & Evelyne Rominger
Steve & Lydia Venables
Charles & Claudia Owens
John & Kathy Harryman
Edmund & Margie Blake
Katharine Cobb
Marc & Gerda Faye
Don & Carol Ishikawa
Corner Drug
Valerie Vann
Sandra Wright
Roger & Ann Romani
Jeanie Sherwood
John Hoover
Dan & Sarah Hrdy

*You to can be a Patron by donating $100 to help us run our projects.
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