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Brochure - History on the Go. By Kathy Harryman. Available at general meetings.

Articles (PDFs):

Some Historical Records of Chinese in Davis before 1900. By Dennis Dingemans, for Kathy Harryman, 2012

YCHS Contributes to an Inventory of New Deal Projects. By Dennis Dingemans & B.J. Ford, 2009

The Rise and Decline of the Dairy Industry in Yolo County. By Dennis Dingemans, 2009

Road 27 and Yolo County’s Rural Landscapes. By Dennis Dingemans, 2009

Related media - E Street 500 Block History (slideshow) by John Lofland


1970 Three Maps of Yolo County, CA ($2.00)

2004 The German Prisoners of War - Farm Labor Branch Camps in Yolo County by Douglas Brown ($3.00)

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Wilkinson book cover Hollywood Comes to Woodland. By David L. Wilkinson, 2011. $19.95, or purchase this along with Crafting a Valley Jewel (see below) for $38.
Wilkinson book cover Crafting a Valley Jewel: Architects and Builders of Woodland By David L. Wilkinson, 2003. $19.95. ISBN 1-892626-06-3
Scheuring book Valley Empires: Hugh Glenn and Henry Miller in the Shaping of California. By Anne Foley Scheuring, 2010. $23.00. ISBN-13: 9780615341231
Woodland  book cover Woodland: City of Trees. By Shipley Walters, 1995, 2007. $10.00. Out of print
Knights Landing  book cover Knights Landing: The River, the Land, and the People. By Shipley Walters. $10.00
Clarksburg book cover Clarksburg: Delta Community. By Shipley Walters. $10
Winters  book cover Winters: A Heritage of Horticulture, a Harmony of Purpose. By Joann Leach Larkey. $15.85. Available through the Historical Society of Winters.
lofland book Old North Davis: Guide to Walking a Traditional Neighborhood. By John Lofland, 1999. $10.95. ISBN 1-892626-05-5. Out of Print

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Yolo County Historical Society, P.O. Box 1447, Woodland, CA 95776
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  • *We regret that the following booklets are Out of Print
  • 1968 Victorian Homes of Yolo County
  • 1969 Woodland (Hershey) Opera House
  • Historical Homes, Woodland, CA
  • Woodland House Tour
  • Narcissa Pena: Her Life and Her Community by S.J. Truitt
  • Davis Heritage Buildings. How Many to Start with, How Many Left? by John Lofland
  • 2001 Davis City Council Elections, 1917-2000 by John Lofland
  • 2003 Picture Map Supplement to the Book of Old North Davis, Guide to walking a traditional neighborhood by John Lofland
  • 2009 The Bachelor Girls Club and the Yolo County Free Library by Merrily DuPree