The Yolo County Historical Society strives to preserve, protect, and acknowledge the diverse history of the county through education, communication, and advocacy.

  • We invite you to explore:
  • the historical resources of Yolo County
  • a sense of continuity with the lessons of the past
  • the richness of the fabric that makes up our county's communities and traditions

The Society oversees the Hattie Weber Museum in Davis, the Springlake Schoolhouse and the Yolo County Fair Museum.

For more information, e-mail khwoodland@aol.com

Officers (click on the linked name to see brief bio)

  • President & Gibson Museum representative: Kathy Harryman
  • Vice-president: Mardi Bagan
  • Secretary: Barbara Graham
  • Treasurer:Seth Alban
  • Facebook Master: Rob Coman
  • Newsletter editor: Barbara Sommer
  • basommer@ucdavis.edu
Mary Aulman, Book Distribution
Mardi Bagan, Newsletter distribution
Pat Campbell, Knights Landing
Dennis Dahlin, Photographer
Rob Coman, Membership
Woody Fridae, Winters History Project